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Innovative business companies created

CPI O Cruce



Ataler is a business dedicated to do pencil cases with recycled cans.



In the world, the people throw a lot of cofee capsules away producing pollution.

Capsulorios solution is to reuse the capsules making beautiful products with them, like rings and necklaces.



Creation of souvenirs related to the Camino de Santiago using recycled polyester dissolved in acetone as raw material.



Envelopes created frompaper shopping bags to packsmall objects and key rings.



Recycle mask rubbers to make hair rubbers, joining them using a decorative accessory made with a 3d printer.



Levex is a energy business with biogas.

Mags - E - Cosmetics


Manufacture of cosmetic products from recycled oil from the school.



Recycle cans and metal in face masks to make earring nuts.



Problem-the plastic cover of the notebooks in the school are thrown away.

We take advantage of the plastic resistence and flexibility to by recylcing the plastic of those covers to transfrom them.

O Cruce Physics Toys


Recycle plastic waste to make toys.



Reuse single-use plastics discarded by pilgrims who make the Camino de Santiago to create accessories with the theme of the Camino.

Colégio La Salle Barcelos


Our company will provide only the best ecologic cleaning products in order to preserve your place and reduce the use of chemicals and pollutants


Bag Light Pack


Our project consists of a backpack designed for pilgrims, which integrates a malleable photovoltaic panel, placed on the outside of it, allowing sunlight to be absorbed and later transformed into energy




Our company is called Biocel and emerges as the solution to a problem that is very current, the price of fuels and the climate. We operate in the production of ethanol from corn which helps the national economy and the environment


Message Delivered


Our idea is to create an application in order to minimize these same problems, providing those regions with the products and services they need (ex: chemistry, grocery, laundry, …)

“We service you needs”


Not no solo


We realize the struggle people face when they want to travel alone

Through the our site, you can previously talk to residents and plan your trip in advance or even meet solo travelers as well


Plant me


Plant Me has as its main objective to give a new life to used paper. With its use, we create our famous seed cards, which allow not only the reuse of paper but also the sowing of flowers, trees or aromatic herbs




This project goes through a stage of collecting precipitation water on the roof, then filtering it before forwarding it to the sanitary water pipes

This allows us to save money and promote a sustainable way of living


Roll Wheels


The suitcase would allow us to produce green energy through the movement of its wheels, making it a renewable and reusable source of energy

This way, we could charge our devices allowing us to stay connected all the time in an eco-friendly way




Our company aims to reduce the monthly costs of the electricity bill in your home, taking into account sustainability, using renewable hydropower.

The system consists of placing a turbine which, in contact with the pressure of the water moved in the specific pipes, generates energy for the rest of your home




Our company is called Willow and was created in the context of making accessible some techniques of thermotherapy and cryotherapy, creating a thermal cushion, which also bets on sustainability, to the extent of reusing leftover fabrics and using flax seeds as padding

2o Geniko Lykeio Neas Ionias Magnisias



For this company we collect plastic bagsfrom all possible places (home,school, recycling spots at school) and we clean them if they are dirty. Then we cut them in stips and make small knots. We sort them by colour. Depending on the design we want to create, we use the appropriate colours and we create artwork. Whatever remains is given to HOLLYWOOD JEWELLERY company. They turn it into beads for jewellery



Students will create an event organising company. The company will take up small scale events like birthday parties, low budget celebrations and social gatherings trying to combine quality with competitive prices.



We make new colour for painting from old, dried up drawing markers. We collect them from the recycling spot at school, take out the sponge, dip it in alcohol and let it sit for a few days in sealed containers. Then we strain the liquid and we package it in containers. Our colour can be used to paint in all surfaces

Happy Children


Students will create a child care company. The company will provide child care services to low income families, single-parent families, unemployed parents who are looking for a job. The company is located in a poorly developed area, where parents face difficulties in having access to proper child care services due to their low socioeconomic status.

Hollywood Jewellery


Students will create a handmade jewellery company. All materials used for the crafting and synthesis of the pieces will be recycled or upcycled products such as cloth, string, plastic, metal and old beads.

Little Flower Soap


Students will make soap out of used oil. They will produce organic soap with fragrances from local herbs, fruit zest, and flower extracts.

Lyrical Vinyl Recording Studio


Students will create a business consisting of a recording studio, where they will host music rehearsals, offer recording services to musicians and music bands, as well as offer lessons on musical instruments they play and can teach.

Second Garden


This company produces their own compost. The compost bin is at school. There, we dispose all material necessary to “feed” the bin. We stir and water the compost regularly, so as to help microorganisms work faster. Every 3 weeks, we collect the soil sieve it and package it. The compost can be used in all plants.

Sweet Charms


Students will create handcrafted all natural sweets, confect, jams and spreads made with organic ingredients.